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Our History

We've Been "Equitable" Since 1935

Roderick Earl "Doc" Ross, Founder, 1935
Roderick Earl "Doc" Ross,
Founder, 1935

There are lots of insurance companies, but none quite like Equitable Life & Casualty. It is the character of The Equitable Family that sets us apart. Over the years we've earned a national reputation of caring - for our policyowners, our business partners, our agents, our employees and our communities. Its value cannot be measured in dollars, and we passionately guard and preserve it.

The heritage of Equitable Life & Casualty and our commitment to caring dates back to the Great Depression of the 1930s.

The company's founder, Dr. Roderick Earl "Doc" Ross, recognized the need to help Utah families, mostly those of poor miners, with funeral expenses. Beginning in 1931 he created several benevolent societies, whose members each contributed $1 to a grieving family upon the death of a society member. In 1935 the Equitable Mutual Aid Protective Society was launched. In that same year, Equitable entered the insurance marketplace when benevolent societies were placed under the authority of the insurance commissioner. What we know today as Equitable Life & Casualty was born from these humble beginnings.

With the enactment of Medicare in the mid-1960s, the company found its niche in the senior life and health insurance market as an innovator in Medicare Supplement insurance coverage. Consistent with this market focus, we currently offer Medicare Supplement, Final Expense Life, Hospital Indemnity, Cancer and Short-Term Care insurance products.

That first step into the senior market was the first of many new innovations.

Equitable's home, 1948-1983
Equitable's home, 1948-1983.
The historic Eagle's Lodge

In the 1970s the company was one of the early entrants in offering extended care benefits for nursing home stays in what would ultimately become known as long-term care insurance.

In the mid-1980s Equitable offered the first home care recovery plan designed specifically for seniors, paying benefits to recuperate from hospital stays in the comfort of their own homes rather than in rehab facilities or nursing homes.

Under a strategic plan of diversification, Equitable took another bold step in 2009 and unveiled its Third Party Administration services platform, taking decades of experience in managing our own business and offering that expertise to other insurers. We maintain a full turn-key TPA operation, with an array of services from product development and pricing to electronic state filings, online agent onboarding, express simplified underwriting and policy issuance, state-of-the-art claims processing, direct sales, accounting and records management.

Equitable's current corporate headquarters
Equitable's corporate headquarters,
Triad Center, Salt Lake City

Equitable Life & Casualty is Utah's oldest active life insurer. Licensed to conduct business in 45 states and the District of Columbia, the company has an established national footprint. Salt Lake City based, our home office team is dedicated to providing superior, friendly, personalized service to our policyowners, business partners, and the independent agents who market Equitable's life and health insurance products across the United States.