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Secure Savings Multi-Year Guarantee Annuity Series

Short-Term Fixed Annuities are back!

Equitable Secure Savings™ and Secure Savings™ Elite will credit policyowners with a fixed interest rate every year. This rate will be guaranteed for the guarantee period selected.

Annuity by Equitable Life & Casualty

Plan Highlights:

  • Issue Ages: Secure Savings™ 18 to 90 and Secure Savings™ Elite 18 to 85
  • Minimum Single Premium: $10,000 Qualified or Non-Qualified
  • Maximum Single Premium: $500,000 (Larger amounts will be considered with Home Office Approval)
  • Guarantee Period: 2-year or 5-year terms
  • Guaranteed Growth: Premium will earn a guaranteed rate of interest for the guarantee period chosen. This guarantee period can be 2 years or 5 years.
  • No Long-Term Commitment: After the initial 2-year or 5-year guarantee period, a policyowner will have the opportunity to access the full value of their annuity. If pleased with the growth of the annuity, a policyowner can choose to continue the contract.
  • Principal Protection: Funds in the Secure Savings annuity series are 100% principal protected. As long as the annuity is held for the guarantee period, the principal and interest earned are fully guaranteed.
  • Tax Deferred Growth: All interest earned is tax deferred. Until funds in the annuity are accessed, no taxes are due on the interest earned.
  • Access To Funds For Life's Curveballs: The Secure Savings annuity series was designed for maximum flexibility depending on the customer's needs. With the Secure Savings™ annuity series, liquidity options may be available depending on the product and guarantee period chosen. After the guarantee period, the full account value of the annuity can be accessed.
  • Income Options: Upon maturity and at the end of each guarantee period, a policyowner can convert the annuity into a guaranteed income benefit.
  • Wealth Transfer: The annuity series includes a death benefit upon the death of the owner. The Secure Savings™ death benefit is equal to the account value. The Secure Savings™ Elite death benefit is equal to the cash surrender value. It will be paid as long as an income option has not been elected.

The policy described above is not available in all states. The policy contains certain limitations and exclusions, which may vary by state.